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One of the ways we support our church and its ministries is through giving - of our time, our talents, and our offerings. Our offerings go directly to supporting our budgeted minsitries, from children's activities to building maintenance, and from power bills to Sunday School supplies. The church cannot do what it does without your generous gifts.

The literal act of giving has historically been through "passing the plate" as we worship together - and this is a VALUABLE way to physically embody our giving, and we encourage everyone, from our youngest to our oldest, to continue to embody giving in this way.

We also acknowledge that many people don't carry cash or checkbooks on their person anymore, and when the plates come down the pew, it gets passed along with slight acknowledgement. And this is where technology can step in and help.

Just as we shop online, manage our bank accounts online, and so much more, we can now also GIVE online, and there are a few ways to do that.

The first is to go to and click "GIVE ONLINE NOW" and it will allow you to give online, and create an account if you would like.

The second is to download the app ""- it has a pale green background with three leaves on it in white. Create an account, and then, if needed, look up our church.

With both of these, the account is the same. You can manage your giving from the website or the app, see how much you've given, set up recurring giving, and more.


You can even TEXT TO GIVE now, text 833.768.7564 a number to give, ie: 100, 200, 50, etc.

See image below to learn more about text to give: