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This past weekend, 230 participants from 20 different congregations came together at Eagle Eyrie for CBFVA’s 2023 Fall Retreat. 

The theme for the weekend was “noticing the sparks of God.”  During our two days on the mountain, students engaged in three breakout sessions and experienced hands-on worship designed to help facilitate students in God’s spark in themselves and those around them. 

Breakouts spanned from ultimate frisbee and disc golf to artistic breakouts to conversation-based breakouts where students learned about spiritual gifts, self-care, and understanding God more clearly in our community and in creation. 

On Sunday Morning, students heard the story of Pentecost. After being challenged to see God’s gift in themselves, students circled up with their youth group and students spoke into each other's giftedness. So often it is easier for us to see the gifts of others rather than our own gifts, so this time was meaningful as each student was encouraged that they too have received a gift from God that they are asked to use to create “Heaven on Earth.”

We count it an honor that congregations trust CBFVA with being a part of the Spiritual Formation of their teenagers. May God’s blessing be on these students as they go back to school this week.